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License Compliance &

Conflict Resolution

What would happen to your business if your liquor license was suspended or cancelled?

All provincial governments have a comprehensive compliance and enforcement policy. They ensure responsible service of alcohol and perform on-site inspections in all liquor licensed establishments. Inspections are conducted by certified liquor inspectors and local police officers to ensure compliance.

Some common issues liquor inspectors are looking for include:

  • Liquor compliance review

  • Service of alcohol to minors within a Liquor Primary or Food Primary

  • Selling liquor to minors from  liquor stores

  • Selling liquor to other licensees from a  liquor store

  • Over-serving liquor to patrons and liquor service to intoxicated persons

  • Overcrowding of licensed establishments and venues

  • Licensed establishments operating outside of their class of license

  • A food primary licensed restaurant operating as a bar, farmers markets, or patio operations

  • Licensed private clubs: permanent use of premise by non-members

  • Noise complaints

  • Sale, service and consumption of liquor outside of a licensed area

At Rising Tide Consultants, we work with all liquor licensed establishments to ensure you and your staff are familiar with your province's liquor board policy. It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure enforcement issues will not arise. At RTC, we offer customized staff training programs, comprehensive Policy and Procedures Manuals and liquor inspector mediation consultation to ensure compliance to liquor license laws.

Responsible service of liquor by staff is imperative, and RTC is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best service possible. We are happy to travel to your location to conduct a site visit anywhere in Canada to ensure that all your liquor licensing regulations are met, including temporary liquor permits and licenses for special events and festivals serving alcohol.

In the unfortunate event that you have liquor license compliance and enforcement issues, Rising Tide Consultants works in partnership with professional legal counsel to assist you with your Liquor Branch’s hearing process.

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