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1620 - 1130 West Pender Street,
Vancouver, BC V6E 4A4

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Application Audit for Food Primary Liquor License, License Transfers, Structural Changes or Cannabis Retail License

In addition to engaging us to handle all your liquor or retail cannabis licensing needs, we also offer an application audit service.

A high number of applications submitted are deemed incomplete upon the first review. If this happens, your application is put at the “bottom of the pile” and the process starts over. Therefore, when your application is reviewed, you want to make certain it is clear, concise and complete to obtain prompt approval and not be rejected or deemed “incomplete”.

For a reasonable base fee we will:

  • Review and audit the application and all the supporting documents YOU have prepared before it is submitted to ensure it is complete, accurate and contains all necessary information.

  • Provide suggestions and advice on what should be included in the application to expedite consideration and streamline the approval.

Our turnaround time on the above noted applications would be a maximum of 48 hours.

Compliance and Enforcement Audit

If your establishment receives a Notice of Enforcement Action such as service to a minor, as a licensee you have to make a decision very quickly to either:

  • Acknowledge the Enforcement Action and accept the prescribe monetary or license suspension; or

  • Challenge the proposed Enforcement Action


Regardless of your choice, you have to give serious consideration to the operational policy and procedural changes that need to be made as a result of the Enforcement Action.

For a reasonable flat fee, Rising Tide Consultants will provide you with guidance and advice on compliance and enforcement issues and recommendations on how to proceed and the proper course of advice to protect your business.

Operations, Policy and Procedures Audit

Rising Tide Consultants will undertake an audit of your existing policies and procedures to ensure you have the best defense of due diligence in cases of compliance or enforcement issues.

If we find your current practices are deficient in certain areas, we would work with you to shore up your staff training and provide Policy and Procedures Manuals that you should have to effectively run your establishment, and ensure you have the best defense in cases of compliance or enforcement issues. This would include staff sign off sheets acknowledging receipt of detailed policies and procedures.

Lawyers site the importance of due diligence as the best defense with a contravention or enforcement action.

Call today to personally speak with a Rising Tide consultant in Vancouver at 604.669.2928.

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